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Update #02 - Dashboard ✨

Published by: Jesse Kramer

With an application, comes a dashboard. This is no different for UptimeProject.io. I have been working hard for the couple of weeks to build the dashboard, and it is really far along.

Monitoring statistics

As can be seen in the screenshot below, various statistics are available in the dashboard. Average speeds per location, will expand once more nodes are added to the network. In the avg. speed over time graph, the datapoints represent an average response time within a four hour window, giving you a nice indication on how your site is doing.

In the case that you get an e-mail notification that your site is down, I thought it would be handy that you could see the monitoring logs in the dashboard to check what happened. At the bottom of the dashboard, the monitoring logs of the past two hours can be seen. The times are in UTC+0, I might convert them to local time in the future.

Redundant monitoring

Depending on your usecase, you might want to monitor a site, and only get an e-mail that it’s down when it is certainly down. This might occur if your hosting platform is not 100% stable, and has a little hickup every now and then. For this usecase, redundant monitoring was added. If enabled (see screenshot below), on a down event, the utp-core verifies if the site is down on another monitoring node. This is usually also in another geographical location. Once the site has been marked as down (or up) by two sequential nodes, it is marked as down (or up) in the dashboard, and if enabled, you get an e-mail notification.




Closed beta

The current application is still in a testing phase, but I am working hard to get it ready for a closed beta.

Every subscriber of this newsletter will get an invitation for the closed beta. This will presumably be in the next few weeks.

So far my progress for the last few weeks, it took a little bit longer than expected due to a vacation I took ;)


Jesse Kramer