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Update #03 - A LOT of progress 💪🏻

Published by: Jesse Kramer

This week, I executed the migration from the old proof-of-concept cluster (c01), to the first production cluster (c02). This cluster supports a completely rewritten version of the software that was running on c01. Not only is c02 able to easilly monitor 100,000 websites every minute with just 4 nodes, it also supports all different kinds of monitoring.

Some of the upcoming monitor types that are possible thanks to the migration to c02 are:

Not only does the new cluster come with completely revamped software, it is also built on a very resilient database cluster.

The migration to c02 went relatively smoothly. There were some hickups along the way but nothing that wasn’t fixable. However, there are a few things that did change.

It is always hard to sum up all the changes with updates like this, because the majority of improvements has been made under the hood. The next update will have more visible features.

What’s next?

Here are just a few of the planned features to look forward to:


Jesse Kramer