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Update #04 - It's all coming together 🤩

Published by: Jesse Kramer

This time, there are a couple of awesome features that I think you will really like. There is also some cool stuff behind the scenes, that will gravely improve the reliability of the platform over time.


Improvement: Better logging

It used to be that you could find very little information in the dashboard on why a site went offline.

Those days are gone. The monitor log was improved with informative messages on why your monitor is down.

An example of such a log message can be seen below:

New feature: Path field for HTTP monitors

It might seem like a small addition, but the simple addition of the path field in HTTP monitors opens up a lot more freedom when monitoring your website.

New feature: Notification channels

This is the biggest feature this release. The notification channels feature allows users to use multiple notification methods. By default, notifications will be sent to the users e-mail address. However, now the user can add multiple e-mail addresses.

You can find the notification channels feature under My account.

Opsgenie notification integration

Other than e-mail, you can now also use Opsgenie foor notifications! When adding a new notification service to your account, you can select Opsgenie as a type. You can then use a generated API-key to link your integration. Alerts will now be created if your monitor goes down.

In order to enable a notification channel. You can navigate to your monitor settings. Here, you can select a number of notification channels that you would like to enable for a specific monitor. (see picture below)


So, what’s next? This is already a stable product, but it is not finished yet. There are a few features in the pipeline that I want to finish first before marking an official release.

SSL Monitoring

Monitor the expiration date and validity of your SSL certificates. This monitor can send you notifications when your SSL certificate is near expiration or not served correctly.

SMTP Monitoring

Get insight on the uptime of your mail server. Often, e-mail can form the backbone of one’s business. It might save the day if you are up to date on the status of your mail server.

For the techies: The first implementation will feature a HELO check, but there are plans to introduce round-trip monitoring in the future.

Pricing plans

Before release, I need to implement some form of pricing plans. The details of these plans will come soon aswell.

That was it for this update. If you have any questions or suggestions make sure to hit me up at jesse@kramerventures.nl.

See you at the next update!


Jesse Kramer