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Update #05 - 🥳 Release time!

Published by: Jesse Kramer

The time has come to release UptimeProject.io, this is a huge milestone and I am very exited 😁. With the release also come a lot of new features, so we have plenty to talk about.


Early access release

All subscribers get early access 🎉

At first, the release will be in early access form. Everyone who is subscribed to the newsletter gets access to the release. New people who join the newsletter, will also get access.

Once an automatic payments system is fully integrated, the application will be fully released. I expect this to happen in Q2 of this year.


The pricing model is now public, everyone will start off with a free account, which can deploy 10 checks on a single domain.

As clear in the image below, the plans only differ in the amount of checks and domains, not in features. This is because I strongly believe that a premium monitoring service should always provide the best possible quality.

image from uptimeproject.io


I released a new website. Chances are you are already reading this on the website, but in case you’re reading this from your e-mail: visit uptimeproject.io to take a look.

You can also read back old newsletters here.

image from uptimeproject.io

SSL monitoring

We now support SSL monitoring!

This means that you can configure a check that notifies you when your certificate is about to expire, but also if something else is wrong with your certificate.

With browsers becoming stricter and stricter around SSL, this is a must have when monitoring your website.

DNS monitoring

Besides SSL monitoring, there is also the possibility to monitor DNS!

The main usecase for this check is monitoring the integrity of DNS servers. You can now monitor individual nameservers, so especially if you manage your own DNS servers, this is very useful.

Improved Opsgenie notifications

The previous update already included basic opsgenie support. However this update makes it way more useful.

Opsgenie alerts now get closed automatically when your site is back online!

Which is very useful in your monitoring workflow.

Slack notifications

You can now configure slack to work with UptimeProject. Get notified (with emoji’s) when your site status changes.

It works using the webhook integration, it is very easy to configure.

Domain groups

As you might have seen on the overview page, checks are now grouped by domain. This is not only very handy for you to keep related checks together, it is also important for invoicing. As plans are also limited on domains, you can easily see how many domains you are using, and if you need to upgrade.

Sendgrid under the hood

To ensure that e-mails sent by the system reach your inbox, and not your spam folder, all e-mail from UptimeProject is now sent through SendGrid by Twillio. This means that I can ensure a much higher quality of service.

Usability improvements

There have also been a lot of improvements made for usability and plain better design.

If everything went well, you shouldn’t see it 😉

A lot of progress has been made, and we have come really far. Each of you will get an e-mail with a password reset link. You can use it to activate your account.

I encourage everyone to try it out, and you can always send feedback to support@uptimeproject.io.


Jesse Kramer